Cover Reveal and New Series Announcement – The Solumancer Cycle

One of the hardest things I have to do as an author is hold back on announcing the new shiny. Being excited about a set of manuscripts you’ve been sitting on for the better part of a year and having to keep it to yourself is torture. Therefore it is with effervescent pleasure that I make the following proclamation: My new urban fantasy series, set in a near-future Detroit where a young wizard grapples with the droves of faerie creatures crossing into the real world, is called THE SOLUMANCER CYCLE, and is about to be unleashed.

SOLUMANCER is a word which, as far as I know, I made up. A Google search on the word reveals a grand total of FIVE (yes, that’s 5…) results, two of which are my website and my Amazon author page. One is a dud, and the other two are forums where the term is used to describe theoretical gaming-related concepts. The suffix -mancer is typically used to describe a mage or wizard who specializes in a specific area of magic. SOLUM is the Latin word for dirt. Magic wouldn’t exist without the creatures who emit its energies, so Cade is forced to gather residue from these creatures however he can in order to fuel his spells. I’ve written the first three books in the series and will be releasing them rapid-fire while I work on the fourth one.

A word on the covers. Creating a series of book covers from stock photos is all about finding a model who hasn’t been widely used before, and who’s got an abundant set of images with good poses and open crop settings. Stock photographers would do themselves a huge favor to stop cutting off peoples’ elbows, shoulders, tops of heads, and waistlines. It sucks to find a great model and agonize over how the photog cropped parts of them out so as to render the photos unusable. Also, people need to start capturing some normal facial expressions. Quit it with the ‘constipated-male-model’ pout. Zoolander’s got it covered.

Without further ado, the new covers:

Book One is currently available for pre-order on Amazon at the special limited-time price of 0.99c with a release date of June 20th. Books Two and Three will follow in July and August, respectively. Books Four and Five should be out sometime during the Fall.

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