Sales and Progress Update – October 2016

Best. Month. Ever.

Literally. After selling fewer than a hundred books per month for the first year and a half of my self-publishing career, my latest series has taken off. Lessons learned: it’s important to write well, but it’s just as important to write stuff people want to read.

For the fourth month in a row, sales have swelled. I’ve touched on these numbers in my last few updates, but I neglected to provide an accurate figure for September, so I’ll add that here and provide a summary of Amazon-only numbers by month for reference:

July 2016 – 344 units
August 2016 – 464 units
September 2016 – 1349 units
October 2016 – 1826 units

So yeah, big jump there between August and September. The second book in my Mage Song series came out August 30th, so that accounts for a huge chunk of the difference. I expect things to taper off from here and probably stabilize somewhere around September levels for the next month or two, as I’ve just hit the 90-day mark on my most recent release and won’t have the next book in the series out for another two months at least. The good news is I should be able to rapid-fire the releases through Spring 2017, as I’m sitting on one manuscript from last month and I’ve got another two outlines in the same series ready to be drafted.

I’m currently hard at work on Mage Song 3, hoping to finish out the first draft shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday. I write at a decent pace, but I’m by no means one of those people who can crank out 10,000 words a day without breaking a sweat. I average around 1,500 and generally top out at 4,000 or so, if I have plenty of time to write during the day and things are going smoothly. Those days happen once in a blue moon.

Thanks for reading. And if you’ve picked up one of my books, you are the greatest, and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Signing off – best of luck to you in all you do!

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