Sales and Progress Update – September 2016

Thank you. Just… thank you. To the thousands (yes, that’s thousands, plural, and I’m still in disbelief) of readers who have picked up one or more of my books. This month, for the first time ever, it has become unwieldy to count my exact unit sales. Suffice it to say my writing income has tripled in a matter of weeks, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the many of you who made that possible. A special thanks to those who have shared kind words and favorable reviews. I love you all, and each one of you is the greatest ever.

I’ll stop gushing now.

This evening, I hope to write the final words of the first book in my new Urban Fantasy series. It’s about a young wizard living in a fictional near-future version of Detroit who casts a spell on the wrong person and is forced into some big life changes as a result. I’ll have a cover reveal for this one shortly before I put it up for pre-order, but that won’t be until the spring.

In the meantime, I’m heading back to the Five Realms to start work on Awakener, the third book in the Mage Song series.

Wishing you the utmost success in all your endeavors.

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